Thursday, February 22, 2018

Balsa Popper Sticker Templates

Greetings Fellow Tyers!

After numerous requests I have decided to offer the vinyl sticker templates you've seen me use on Facebook and Instagram for making perfectly consistent poppers. These templates come in perfect sizes for either 4/0, 5/0 or 6/0 Poppers (Daiichi 2461 hooks recommended). There are enough stickers per template to allow you to make 9 poppers and each template is $7.50 (includes postage). They will be available on the website soon but if you're ready to get started just send me an email at and I'll get you hooked up right away.

They're simple to use and effective for making all of your poppers consistent in size. Here's how to use them...

Step 1: Start with a balsa block slightly larger than the size the popper will be once sanded. You can use the templates for this step or simply measure the side and top templates and cut your balsa block slightly larger. (1/16" larger on each side works well)

Step 2: You'll want to sand the side profile first, so place the template for the side profile on the balsa block flush with the bottom of the block and sand the block until it matches up with the template. I use a 12" disc sander with a 220 grit disc for this (which makes it quick and easy), but you can sand it with a hand held block sander as well.

Step 3: This photo shows the side profile sanded. At this point remove the template from the side profile.

Step 4:  Apply the top profile template to the topside of the balsa and sand both sides of the balsa so they match up with the template.

Step 5: This photo shows the top profile sanded. Now you can remove the top profile template and move on to cutting the groove in the bottom of the balsa for your hook. Check out my Video at this link to see how I cut the groove in

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Thanks for your support!

Matt "Z" Zudweg