Friday, January 21, 2011

Zuddy's Chewy Streamer (chewbaca)

The Chewbaca Streamer is definitely my most requested tutorial. I do well with this streamer pattern on my home river in early to late May for big brown trout, and sometimes rainbows as well. I have heard many stories from other fisherman telling me how Chewbaca made the day on their home river too, which is always music to my ears. I nearly always fish it on a 250 grain sinking line with a short (3ft.) flourocarbon leader of 6-8 lb. test. It is simple to tie and fun to fish. As with most streamer fishing for trout, strip it fast and eratic, working the rod tip for even more action. Many times, trout will chase it all the way to the boat before grabbing it.... making for some really exciting takes!

Step 1: Place a Daiichi # 2461 size 4 streamer hook in your vise. Sometimes I even use a size 2. Attach your thread and wind it to the bend of the hook, even with the barb. For thread, I really like the GSP 100 in white. Tie in an olive barred white zonker strip as shown.

Step 2: Dub a short body of olive Ice Dub or Senyo's Laser Dub.

Step 3: Tie off the remnant of the zonker on top of the dubbed body and clip off the excess. Many times I will top the fly with a dozen or so strands of copper flashabou the same length as the zonker strip before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Clip off a clump of Australian Possum from a hide and tie it in tightly as shown. Advance thread to in front of the clump.

Step 5: Tie in a large mallard flank collar (usually 4 or 5 wraps around) and wind thread tightly against the A.P. clump so the flank splays out well.

Step 6: Tie in another clump of Australian Possum, this one a little thicker than the first. Whip finish. Now go catch a toad!
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