Friday, February 14, 2014

Z's Copper Rocket

For several years now I've kept this pattern un-named and pretty secretive as I've made slight changes to it. It's accounted for a number of my best fall steelhead days in recent years, although it isn't quite as consistant throughout the entire season as my Wicked Leech pattern. Many clients have tried to name it after it proved a day maker and one name seems to have stuck... the Copper Rocket. As it often happens, a proven trout fly made on a larger scale often makes a great steelhead fly. That is the case with this one as it is largely based off one of my best swung fly Trout patterns (Z's Olive Leech)... I've simply added a little more bulk and some proven colors of Flashabou. This fly is also completely made from synthetic materials.

Step 1: Place a Daiichi 2461 size 2 hook in your vise and wind gel spun 100 D thread to the rear of the hook. Tie in a sparse clump of Copper Ice Dub to the top of the hook, folding the remainder back and advance thread slightly forward.

Step 2: Tie in several more sparse clumps in the same way until you reach the front 1/3rd of the hook.

Step 3: Tie in a fairly large clump of UV Dark Olive Ice Dub in the same way, continuing to work towards the front of the hook.

Step 4: Tie in a fairly large clump of Copper Ice Dub. You should now be within an 1/8" of the hook eye, if not you can simply add another clump of Copper.

Step 5: Tie in a couple dozen strands of Senyo's UV Predator Wrap to the top of the hook as shown. I like to spread it around the top and sides evenly before lashing it down tight.

Step 6: Fold back the remainder of the Predator Wrap and tie it down tightly.

Step 7: Now add a few of your favorite Flashbou colors as an overwing. Again, I will spread this around the top and sides evenly before lashing tight. I typically start with Fuschia.

Step 8: For my second overwing, I typically use Copper Flashabou.

Step 9: For my final overwing I use Chartreuse Holographic Flashabou. Other colors I have found work well include Black Rainbow Polar Flash, Bullfrog, Purple and Perch Flashabou.