Monday, April 16, 2012

After a super mild winter, I am expecting an extended summer of good smallmouth fishing! Of course, my favorite way to catch them is on a Zudbubbler. The only thing that matches a surface explosion from a smallmouth in my book is the take from a swung fly fall steelhead... at least on my home river (Michigan's Muskegon River). BoneYard Fly Gear is now offering 5 colors in pre-cut Zudbubbler bodies... green, red, blue, yellow and now black... all excellent colors for our bronzeback friends.
Check your local fly shop to see if they have them in stock... if they don't, please let them know that you want them! We also sell direct to you if your flyshop doesn't stock them, but we want you to support your local fly shop whenever possible please. Zudbubbler's are fun and easy to tie, but if you would rather just buy the completed Zudbubbler, I would be happy to tie some up for you... just email your request to me at .
Cost per popper is $8, minimum order of 6 poppers.
Life is short, get out and enjoy God's creation and share it with others. Be Blessed! - Z