Thursday, November 24, 2016

Zuddy's Black Rainbow Leech

It's Thanksgiving day and a day off from my busy fall season is just one of thousands of things I'm thankful for. I thought I'd take advantage of some time off by sharing a pattern that has been a good one for me. It's very similar to my Wicked Leech pattern with some different materials. I've also added some weight to this fly and it's tied on a tube. I've really focussed on tube flies this last year and I am enjoying it immensly. Here in the Midwest we have some great tube fly stuff available and I've enjoyed experimenting with all of  the great products. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need advice on tube supplies
 Step 1: Place your tube in the tube fly adaptor as show. In this case I am using a stainless steel needle tube that is 1.8mm x 25mm. You could also use any standard plastic tubing that is small enough diameter to accept a 1/4" tungsten bead. Attach your thread and wind back to slightly over 1/2" from the front of the tube. The thread I am using is Uni-Thread 6/0 in black.
 Step 2: Attach a zonker strip from either a pine squirrel or a micro rabbit strip in black as shown.
 Step 3: Attach another zonker directly in front of the last zonker and wind the thread forward so it is 1/4" behind the front of the tube.
 Step 4: Wind the zonker forward 3-4 times until it reaches the thread, tie it off, whip finish and cut your thread.
 Step 5: Slide on a 1/4" or 7/32" tungsten bead in fluorescent orange or pink. Tie your thread back onto the tube in front of the bead.
 Step 6: Fold a large amount of Rainbow Flashabou over the thread and attach it evenly to the top half of the tube, snugging the thread close to the bead. You can also add a smaller amount of Kelly Green Flashabou on top of the Rainbow in the same manner if desired.
 Step 7: Add a large amount of Black Flashabou in the same manner as the previous step so it evenly covers the Rainbow Flashabou and trim all the Flash even with the zonker.
Step 8: Add a large head of Fluorescent Yellow Ice Dub in a clump and whip finish. Other good head colors are Hot Orange or Chartreuse Ice Dub. If tying on a tube, you will also want to slide some silicone hook keeper tubing onto the back of the tube. I like to use a size 2 Owner SSW hook model #5115-091 and thread it onto a loop, so the loop knot slides into the hook keeper tubing and the hook rides at the very back of the fly. Captain Matt "Z" Zudweg guides for Feenstra Guide Service and also owns