Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zuddy's Flux Capacitor

This summer has been great for catching bass on a white streamer! Most summers I tend to favor yellow, but not lately... the bass of late seem very keyed in on white. I've been working the kinks out of this streamer a little at a time and finally have it the way the bass like it best. It has been outfishing every sub-surface fly in my box recently.

It fishes great on a floating line with a 7' to 9' florocarbon leader (10-12lb. test). Fish it slow with a twitch pause retrieve just under the surface. The floro leader sinks just enough to keep the deer hair sub-surface, and the fat head pushes lots of water while making the bunny strip dance. Like most of my patterns, it's a quick tie. Here are the step by step instructions.

Step 1: Place a TMC #8089 Bass hook, size 8 or 10 in your vise, attach GSP 100 thread and wind to the rear of the hook. Attached an olive barred flesh tone rabbit strip with 5-6 tight wraps and advance thread toward the hook eye... leaving enough room for a deer hair head.

Step 2: Wind the rabbit strip forward around the hook (fluffing it as you go) and tie off, still leaving enough room for the deer hair head (approx 1/4"). Trim the rabbit strip so it hangs off the rear of the hook to your desired length... I like it about 2" behind the hook.

Step 3: Add a few strands of Polarflash #2014 (Pale Blue Rainbow) as an overwing. Trim Polarflash to the same length as the rabbit strip.

Step 4: Tie in a clump of white deer hair to the top only. Trim the head slightly as you would for a sculpin type pattern.

Front View

Easy as that!  Thank you for your support!

Zuddy's Flux Capacitor is soft, chewy and Bass-Approved.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zuddy's Super Streamer

If you've seen my other tying tutorials then you know by now I'm not one to spend more than 4-5 minutes on a single fly... except maybe the Zudbubbler. The Zuddy's Super Streamer is no exception. Tied with just two materials, this fly is super simple and fast to tie, but a very effective streamer for trout and bass. Wait til you see the great action this streamer puts out when stripped on a sinking line using a strip, pause routine.

Step 1: Choose the streamer hook of your choice. Mine is a Daiichi 2460 size 1/0 for this fly. After securing the thread (Lagartun 100 D in white) start with the thread about the same distance behind the eye as the hook gape. Tie in a clump of buck tail (I typically use white, gray, yellow or natural). Using X-wraps tie to the back of the hook and back forward leaving a small head of hair flared out (this will help the flashabou in the next step move around better).

 Step 2: Tie in a few strands (or even quite a few) of flashbou (copper is a great choice) and spread them around the top and sides of the head before lashing them down securely.

Step 3: Tie in another clump of buck tail on the top of the hook, this time leaving the head a little bigger (as you would with a Zoo Cougar or similar fly). You should now have enough room for one more clump of buck tail behind the eye.

Step 4: Clip a final clump of buck tail, this time trimming both ends (as you would if spinning deer hair) and tie it in on top of the hook or spin it around the hook, whichever you prefer. Whip finish and remove the fly from your vise.

 Step 5: Trim the head flat on the bottom and taper the head back a little (sculpin style)... not too much or too perfect, this isn't meant to be fished on the surface!

Now get off your computer and go fishing!

Capt. Matt Zudweg guides on Michigan's Muskegon River for Smallmouth Bass, Trout and Steelhead. Check out his guide service at www.zflyfishing.com
Matt also owns www.boneyardflygear.com and www.carvedfish.com

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Tool! - Zuddy's Leg Puller

Big thanks to Marcos at Hareline for listening to my idea and making it a reality! Zuddy's Leg Puller works super and is a real time saver for pulling legs through foam, deer hair, etc.

Available at your local fly shop soon!

Dealers can find them at Hareline Dubbin, Inc.